Breast Issues – It’s All About the Clothes

Breast Issues All About the Clothes

C’mon, breast issues aren’t so yesterday at all. As a matter of fact, the increasing need to be at one with the society puts too much pressure on women to have an instant pair of big boobs.

Isn’t it ironic, though, that while some are desperately looking for augmentation processes to increase bust size, some are dying to get rid of the extra push.

Instead of doctor shopping, why not remedy your breast issues with clothing styles? It’s rather cheap. Don’t think of flat-chested women as someone who’d go out-of-style.

As a matter of fact, women with smaller breasts have the advantage of having a wide variety of suitable styles – definitely not outdated.

Here are some tips in boosting breasts with wardrobe.


  • Low-cut dresses, plunging necklines and backless dresses might just be your ticket to a sexy you without overdoing it. If you find it awkward to emphasize small breasts, learn to emphasize the other parts of your body, such as your contour or your back.
  • Consider transparent fabrics. These garments tend to make a deception.
  • Avoid empire-cut dresses. In the rules of small-chested fashion, this is a no-no. The area which is separated from the waist would look like hollow spaces. That isn’t really flattering. Choose wrap dresses or wrap tops which tend to make you appear slim and slender.

Blouses and Tops

  • Consider buying slashed-neck or high shirts. Vests with cut-away sleeves are also good for women with smaller breasts. Round-neck shirts with short-capped sleeves create a diversion. Instead of putting focus on your chest, the focus is placed on the arms and shoulders.
  • Create an even more diversion by flattering your sleeveless tops with detailed fronts such as ribbons, ruffles and frills. These can be your sexy cleavage substitutes. Halter-neck tops can also be your sexy alternative.
  • Corset tops and boob tubes aren’t equally appealing to small-chested women as they are on big-busted ones. Unless you are considering usage of paddings, these tops might not work out really well.

Trousers and Pants

  • Start having a fancy for slightly flared pants or trousers. These present you with a narrower waist, thus, maximizing the bust size.

Sweaters and Jumpers

  • Avoid V-necks and low-scoop ones. Go for the round or polo-neck sweaters. If you prefer the V-neck, wear round-neck shirts underneath.
  • Wear bulky rather than fine knits.


  • Remember to choose styles that flatter the figure. Concentrate on other areas of the body. Tiny triangle bikinis, for example, draw attention to your shoulders and arms. Wearing colored and striped suits is also another way to divert attention.


  • Consider buying push-up bras, underwire bras or padded bras to enhance the contour and size of your breast. Sometimes, these are the only things that you need.

Think about it, why would you go through so much breast enhancement troubles when you can actually just mix and match your wardrobe?

It’s as simple as saying why spend when you can get if for free? Remember, it’s your call. Choose wisely!

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